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Trungram Monastic Institute  

Trungram Monastic Institute (Dhakten Nyincheling)

was established in the Sankhu Monastery located in the Sankhu, Nepal. The monastery was first built by grand uncle, Lama Sanga Rinzin, of Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche after the land donation to Rinpoche.

The goal of the institute is to educate and produce high quality sangha to help in Dharma activities around the world.

With a main hall which serves as the main group practice place, one reading room, one office, one small shrine room for Vajra Varahi, and two small rooms for Rinpoche and Lama Sanga, the main building looks like an ordinary farmer's residence viewed from a distance. Three other small buildings make for the monks' dormitory, classrooms, dining rooms and kitchen. There is a new retreat house and nuns' dormitory in another building.

There are about 30 ordained trainees residing in the monastery. Courses on Buddhism, Tibetan, Sanskrit, English and Chinese are offered. Aside from Lama Sanga and some teachers from other lineages, Rinpoche has taught courses during his summer vacations. Khenpo Dawoe Zhonu was appointed the abbot of the institute by Rinpoche; he is in charge of the monastery to the day.

Sankhu in prayer

A number of the trainees there have acquired multilingual capabilities.

Besides the programs offered there, Rinpoche also sends some students to study in places like Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India. They have become main helpers in the UTBF family.

Not far from the monastery, there is a mountain cave where the great yogin Milarepa used to meditate. One can also find the rare "self-made" statue of Nagarjuna* in the region.

* Nagarjuna (2nd Century) was the founder of the Systematized Madhyamika philosophical school of Mahayana Buddhism.
Sankhu Monastery
Sankhu Monastery

Milarepa's cave
looking out from the cave where Milarepa used to meditate. The cave is about 5 minutes walk from Sankhu Monastery

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