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UTBF Projects Overview 

As an important part of our ongoing efforts in offering the Dharma and in providing education and material help to people and places in need, we carry on several types of projects in the spirit of compassion as promoted by Buddhist ideals. These projects are under the care of both the United Trungram Buddhist Foundation and the United Trungram Buddhist Fellowship.

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Three major groups of projects can be found in UTBF's daily work:

Some of these projects are singled out as priorities depending on the given situation. Some ongoing work are also regarded part of the projects.


Traditional Dharma projects form the foundation of UTBF and serve as the source of our inspiration. Our monastic and retreat facilities, Dharma centers and the Himalayan Merit Committee are maintained largely through our projects. The building of the new retreat center in the U.S.A. currently receives top priority. details...
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In the field of education, quality educational bodies including higher education institutions in developing areas are part of the UTBF vision. The high-standard primary and secondary school, the Trungram International Academy, forms part of the core vision and groundwork. The Trungram Wisdom Scholarship provides steady and timely assistance in support of individuals' educational process.  details...
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There is unlimited potential work in the welfare and health fields for UTBF. So far, among completed and ongoing programs, the most noteworthy are the Free Health Treatment Camp in Nepal and Emergency Relief. details...
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Current Priority Project

Mahamudra Hermitage

Building Sankhu Monastery
Building of the Sankhu Monastery

Trungram International Academy

Free Health Camp
Free Health Camp

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