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How You Can Help
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Ways of Contribution 

There are several ways to support our projects. At present, the top priority project is establishing the Mahamudra Hermitage, a meditation and retreat place in the U.S. managed by our affiliate organization - Dharmakaya.


The chief means of supporting the Fellowship is direct financial contributions.

Unrestricted donation:
These contributions assist our projects most in need of help, offering of public teachings and ongoing needs for sponsoring resident teachers.

Specified donation:
You may wish to restrict your donation to support a specific project. This could include sponsoring monks and nuns at Sankhu Monastery in Nepal, helping in school building or health camp projects run by UTBF in developing countries and so on. See introduction to our traditional Dharma projects, educational projects and charity projects.


We always need volunteers who can come to the centers and do hands-on work in many areas. Help is always appreciated.

You don't have to be a Buddhist practioner to volunteer. Please contact us for details if you are interested in volunteering.

See current volunteer needs


UTBF offers, for purchase, Dharma related objects such as CDs, prayer flags, statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, offering objects, chanting beads, Tangkas and so on. The income from these purchases supports UTBF's charitable mission.

Currently they are available in some urban centers. Please check with a center convenient for you about availability and samples.

Find local donation channels:
Hong Kong
United States
other countries or regions

for maximum flexibility

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