This donation would be used for our projects most in need of help, offering of public teachings and ongoing needs for sponsoring resident teachers.
This donation would be used to support specific projects such as sponsoring monks and nuns at Sankhu Monastery in Nepal, helping in school building or health camp projects run by UTBF in developing countries and so on. See "Projects" section for more details.
To make a donation to United Trungram Buddhist Fellowship,
please send check or money order together with the following completed form:
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receipt to:

first name: _________________________
last name: _________________________
mailing address: ___________________________________________________________
city: _______________________   state/province:_______________________
zip/postal code: _______________________   country:____________________________

If you would like to be contacted in other ways, please specify one or all of the following:

telephone: ____________________________
fax: ____________________________
email: ____________________________

Please describe your donation:

type of donation:    unrestricted donation (hint)

   specified donation (hint)

Please choose the project(s) for specified donation:

Mahamudra Hermitage Project
sponsoring monks and nuns at the Sankhu Monastery, Nepal
sponsoring the Trungram Monastery
supporting Dharma centers in the cities
     If you have preference, which center: ___________________________

The Himalayan Merit projects
The Trungram Wisdom Scholarship
building and improvement of the Trungram International Academy
life release
Free Health Camp
emergency relief fund

Other: ________________________________________________________

Please mail or deliver this form with your donation to the UTBF center or office of your choice.