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Joyful 2012 - Two Discovering the Dharma Retreats

Report from Retreat One, May 25 to May 30, 2012

At a time when so much of the world is in conflict and confusion, the second edition of Retreat 1 in the Discovering the Dharma series provided a warm environment for cultivating the wellness of all sentient beings by deepening our understanding and practice of Buddhadharma. For five days we were skillfully introduced into many aspects of beginning daily practice by H.E. Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche. During this time, the Venerable Khenchen Rinpoche held and protected the space to ensure an obstacle free environment. Traveling from as far as Asia, Europe, and all over America, approximately 50 of us gathered...View full report on

Report from Retreat Four, May 30 to June 2, 2012

Retreat 4 provided a slightly more intimate setting as approximately 25 of us gathered for an introduction to the Tantric practices of Vajrayana. There was a prerequisite of having attended the first three retreats and, for the first time, name tags became superfluous as we gathered together with a strong feeling of family and trust. For the following three days, we were blessed with cool spring weather and good friends to accompany us on our journey into the next level of practice...View full report on