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H.E. Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche Calls Forth the Participation

Upon finishing his studies and receiving the PhD in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism with concentration on comparative studies from Harvard University last November, Rinpoche started his intensive teaching schedules. As predicted by the Sixteenth Karmapa, the Fourth Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche has students and Dharma friends residing all over the world.

Although Rinpoche has established Dharma centers in many places to facilitate group practice of his students, such centers do not have the structural scope to be expanded to become the global base for Rinpoche's teachings, due to their local nature and purpose. Therefore, a place where the Trungram Tradition can be preserved for the cradling of modern Buddhist teachers with global visions, and where Rinpoche's students from around the world can gather and engage in profound Dharma learning and practice, is yet to be established.

For this, Rinpoche has undertaken thorough pondering and planning. After having evaluated all crucial factors, Rinpoche has finally decided on New York to be the place to build Mahamudra Hermitage - the main base outside of Tibet for the preservation and practice of the lineage.

On the date of his 37th birthday, Rinpoche announced his plan to build Mahamudra Hermitage and to call forth the participation of his followers and Dharma friends.

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