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Rinpoche's Letter about the Mahamudra Hermitage Project

Rinpoche wrote a letter to students, friends and supporters in May, 2009 about recent progress of the Mahamudra Hermitage Project. Here is the full text we would like to share with our readers:

Dear Dharma students, friends, and supporters,

I am glad to share this encouraging news. We have made significant accomplishments in the Mahamudra Hermitage project over the last few years. We have completed and received approval on an Environmental Impact Study, a major achievement that required four years of detailed engineering and environmental studies. According to the adopted Findings by the local government Planning Board, our project design has been successful in "minimizing adverse environmental effects to the maximum extent practicable." It is important to understand that we received approval for the entire master plan for the Hermitage, a long range plan that includes a public Temple, sequestered private retreat facilities including a three year retreat center, teacher's and sangha houses, as well as administrative and support facilities - altogether up to 67,500 square feet (6270 square meters) comprised of 13 clustered buildings over a 90 acre campus. We have therefore received jurisdictional approval to build, over time, a major meditation and educational facility that will be of great benefit for beings.

As the Hermitage project is committed to environmental sustainability, we also commissioned an Energy Master Plan, with a goal to minimizing energy and resource use and accommodating efficiencies into our design. The stage is now set for the first phase of our project, which includes sitework and infrastructure and construction of Phase I of the Milarepa Center, consisting of a meditation hall, commercial kitchen, residential facilities and common area,

We are pleased with our accomplishments to date in the Master Planning Phase, and look forward to the completion of this next phase of the project, which will enable the transmission of the Dharma to continue and thrive, ensuring the propagation of the blessings of the lineage for us and future generations.

Thank you for your continued help,
Warm wishes,