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Regional Presence - Centers, Groups and Offices 

UTBF has Dharma centers in cities in various countries throughout the world. These centers are focal points for teaching, group practice and coordination efforts. There are a number of study groups, which involve a small number of people getting together in their homes to practice and exchange information. Regional offices and contacts serve as coordination points for both Dharma activities and charitable activities.

UTBF first started its activities in Nepal. The city office is located in Bansbari, near Kathmandu.  » see details...
The Hong Kong center is located downtown. It also hosts the Foundation international office.   » see details...

Taiwan has the largest number of centers and groups in different cities and towns including Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Douliu and many others. The general office changes location each year.
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Also named "Astopaputra Dharma Fellowship Society", this center was originally established to conduct pujas and dharma teachings on the eight great bodhisattvas.
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Meditation groups in the United States are part of the Dharmakaya
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