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Meditation and Retreat Center in the USA 

Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing

On a beautifully wooded hillside in the village of Cragsmoor, New York, just 90 miles from Manhattan, the Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing offers peace, refuge and an opportunity for personal growth. With afternoon and weekend programs, short-term retreats for individuals and groups, and traditional longer-term retreats for dedicated practitioners, it is a place for the transmission of ancient Buddhist teachings in ways that are responsive to a 21st Century way of life. We focus on an integrated practice involving both the mind and the body. Physical wellbeing creates a positive environment for mental health; mental wellbeing produces a sense of equanimity that is the foundation for physical health. Thus, our programs address both, with a core curriculum designed for spiritual growth, and a range of teachings and retreats designed to expand participants’ wellbeing.

The campus includes a Reception Hall, Meditation Hall and two residences with rooms for retreatants.

The Center also serves as the headquarters of the Dharmakaya Organization.

UTBF Center, New York

Founded in 2003, this retreat center is a farmhouse in Cochecton, New York, about two and a half hours drive from New York City. Though convenient for travelers, it is removed from highways and tranquil, without a hint of being close to one the busiest cities in the world. It is available to retreatants who are seeking a truly isolated experience. Please inquire for more information.

Retreat Center at Cochecton
Dharmakaya Center
for Wellbeing

Retreat Center at Cochecton
UTBF Center at
Cochecton, New York

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