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Services Outline 

These are the main types of services we offer to the public and the fellowship community:

  • Regular Group Practice
    mostly follows guided curriculums. In the regional centers and groups, such curriculums are given by Rinpoche and are geared towards lay students. In the Trungram Monastery and the Trungram Monastic Institute, traditional monastic practices are followed.
  • Public and Community Teachings
    Public teachings are given both by our teachers and guest teachers. They are organized by our centers in various locations. Special teachings of various levels and practice instructions are frequently given to the fellowship members.

  • Volunteer Programs for Charity and the Environment
    These programs are focused on contributing to humanitarian needs and environmental improvement.

  • Prayers and Ceremonies
    Prayers and ceremonies are offered for special days or on special occasions, mostly given during Rinpoche's teaching tours to the fellowship centers.

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