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Regular Group Practice 

Group Practice Curriculum for Regional Centers

First Level:

101 Basic Teachings of Buddha (The Noble Eightfold Path)
102 Refuge and Daily Practice
103 Shamatha Meditation I (21 hrs)
104 Learning How to Read Mantras
105 Essence of Dharma, The Bodhichitta
106 Introduction to Vajrayana I

Practice Sessions (1.5 hours each time)

Meditation (30 minutes)
1M1 Shamatha Meditation

Rituals (30 minutes)
1R1 Avalokiteshvara Sadhana Practice
1R2 Amitabha Sadhana Practice
1R3 Arya Tara Sadhana Practice

Scriptures (30 minutes)
1S1 The Dhammapada
1S2 Sutra of The Wise and The Foolish

Second Level:

201 Core Teachings of Buddha (Impermanence/Suffering/Emptiness/Selflessness)
202 Five Precepts
203 Vipashyana I
204 Visualization of Yidams
205 Four Immeasurable Thoughts
206 Introduction to Vajrayana II (Guru and Disciples)

Practice Sessions (1.5 hours each time)

Meditation (30 minutes)
2M1 Vipashyana Meditation

Rituals (30 minutes)
2R1 Bhaishajyeraja (Medicine Buddha) Sadhana Practice
2R2 Amitayu (Long Life Buddha) Sadhana Practice
2R3 Manjushri Sadhana Practice

Scriptures (30 minutes)
2S1 Shiksyasamucchaya
2S2 Bodhisattvacharya-avattra

Other Levels: Please check with our centers.
About Group Practice - Q&A with Rinpoche

Local Schedules:
Choose a location in the comprehensive event calendar and you will find its schedules.

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