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About Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche 

Rinpoche at Harvard commencement ceremonyTrungram Gyalwa Rinpoche is a prominent incarnate lama of Tibetan Buddhism, regarded to be an emanation of the great yogi Milarepa. Known throughout the world as a scholar, teacher and meditation master, Rinpoche is also the first incarnate lama to earn a PhD in the West, having completed his doctoral program in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism at Harvard University.

Rinpoche began his monastic training at the age of four including direct tutelage from the heads and senior teachers of all the major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. He studied Buddhist philosophy and literature at Nalanda Institute and received Acarya the Master's degree from Sanskrit University, Benares, India.

Rinpoche represents a remarkable source of direct contact with the original Buddhist teachings, as a scholar of both Sanskrit and Tibetan. Coupled with his proficiency of English through living in the US and his seven years of studies at Harvard, Rinpoche understands how to translate the ancient wisdom of the Buddha's teachings and make them easily accessible to westerners.

The core of Rinpoche's teaching system, the Trungram tradition, lies in learning the Skills of Awareness, a path combining profound meditation techniques with essential points of study that enable practitioners from all walks of life to experience the genuine Dharma. Rinpoche founded Dharmakaya in New York as a non-profit organization to promote these precious teachings.

The pinnacle of the Trungram tradition is the nyenjud (oral lineage), which due to the Cultural Revolution in Tibet is on the brink of extinction. As there is an urgent need to save this lineage for all humanity, and to provide a place for those who are interested in serious study and practice, Rinpoche has established the Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing in upstate New York. Rinpoche is committed to make these centuries old wisdom teachings available for us and for generations to come. Everyone is welcome to join.

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