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The Trungram International Academy 

The Trungram International Academy (TIA) (TIA) is a high quality private school in Nepal. Established in 1995, starting with the February 1996 semester, TIA now offers classes from kindergarten through tenth grade with more than two hundred students and forty faculty and staff members. The school is located in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.

The founder of TIA is H.E. Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche. Rinpoche's goals for TIA include providing formal education for children who come from minority populations and backward areas; cultivating the students' potential for developing friendship, tolerance, love, compassion and meaningful values; and the elimination of racial prejudice through opening young minds to global thinking.

With these goals in mind, TIA operates under the following parameters: During the ten-minute morning assembly each day the entire school, including teachers and students, prays together for world peace. TIA offers motivated and outstanding students from poor areas free tuition and access to school facilities, which differs from other schools in Nepal. To truly allow the students experience a broad global perspective, TIA has invited volunteer teachers from Europe and the United States. English is the instructional language in many courses.

To help cultivate compassion and readiness to help others in the children's minds, TIA also sends students to help in the Free Health Camp organized by UTBF.

TIA's most special feature is its small classroom system. With only seven to ten students in each classroom, there is potential for ample interaction between teacher and students. Rinpoche hopes that similar schools also can be established in other parts of the world.

To know more about TIA, please visit the TIA web site.

Happy TIA students on a camp
Happy TIA students on a camp
TIA Buidling
TIA Building
TIA Morning Assembly
TIA Morning Assembly
TIA students wtih computers
TIA students with computers

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