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Forming of UTBF - the Foundation 

Established in Nepal in 1992 by His Eminence Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche, the United Trungram Buddhist Foundation is a nonprofit charity organization based on Buddha's teachings.

Since its overall aim is to foster a spirit of brotherhood, sisterhood and tolerance towards all human beings, motivating one and all to dedicate themselves to the creation of a peaceful, just, happy, and meaningful life on earth, it works above and beyond national, racial and religious boundaries. Its projects cover a broad scope.

As was originally designed by Rinpoche, it works to achieve the following goals:

  1. Establishing comprehensive educational institutions to provide full education from the elementary level to the tertiary level, without discrimination based on religious beliefs or sects. Under the influence of the dharma, students are expected to form healthy personalities and to be able to make positive contributions to society.
  2. Providing scholarships and financial assistance to help monks and nuns as well as children with limited financial resources to complete their education.
  3. Maintaining medical and emergency facilities to provide timely medical attention wherever it is needed.
  4. Providing and maintaining facilities such as monasteries and retreat centers for the education of the monastic sangha. Training the sangha to be able to help beings out of suffering is of great significance.
  5. Publishing classic Buddhist scriptures, practice texts, and other Buddhist works, as well as producing Dharma sound tracks.
  6. Establishing and supporting Foundation branches throughout the world in order to benefit people in those places.

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