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His Eminence Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche - Activities 

Clearly seeing his future responsibilities, a non-traditional plan for benefiting beings began to appear in the mind of the ten year-old Rinpoche in 1978. Even then, Rinpoche knew very well that the great benefits of Buddhism would be limited if only the traditional forms of monastic and cave-dwelling yogic life were to be adopted by practitioners.

Rinpoche began teaching at the age of eleven when still studying in Rumtek Monastery. Upon the request of some eighty visitors from European countries, he taught the essence of Naropa's Mahamudra and the practice of Avalokiteshvara. When he was twelve, Rinpoche gave a teaching on the Thirty-seven Practices of Bodhisattvas to the monks of Rumtek and won high praises from all the khenpos and rinpoches present, including the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa himself.

Rinpoche performed his first initiation at the age of thirteen, transmitting the essence of the Kagyupa Long Life Buddha practice. Since then, he has given teachings to Tibetan Buddhist teachers and sanghas from time to time.

Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche
In 1987, Rinpoche embarked on his first overseas trip to teach the Dharma. Since then, Rinpoche has given Dharma teachings and initiations and helped form groups and centers for Buddhist studies in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States.

In the early summer of 1991, Rinpoche visited the Trungram Monastery and the cave where his previous incarnation practiced and met with thousands of his past life disciples in Tibet. During this short visit, he took measures to preserve the Whispering Lineage (Nyengyu) tradition - a special oral lineage of Trungram Monastery that was near extinction at that time.

Upon Rinpoche's return to Nepal after his weeklong meditation in the cave near the Trungram Monastery, he felt certain there would be many organizations affiliated with him and it was crucial to keep all of them inspired with the same spirit. To fulfill the aspirations in his vision, Rinpoche founded the United Trungram Buddhist Foundation, first in Nepal in 1992, then in several other countries. Later the United Trungram Buddhist Fellowship was founded by Rinpoche to devote more efforts to preserving and sharing Dharma.

Initiation Puja after Earthquake Rinpoche teaching in Singapore Rinpoche briefing teacher in Sankhu Monastery Offering prayers in a former gass chamber	in Austria for its victims in World War II
Rinpoche giving initiation
Rinpoche holding a puja
for the dead after the
Taiwan earthquake in

Teaching in
Briefing teacher
in Sankhu Monastery
Offering prayers in
a former gas
chamber in Austria
for those who died
there during
World War II

Putting great emphasis on education, Rinpoche often says, "Do you think Dharma is only for monks? No, it is for all who are in need. The right education can bring about nonviolence and peace." Rinpoche's view on education is, "To foster a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood and tolerance towards all human beings, motivating one and all to dedicate themselves toward the creation of a peaceful, just, happy and meaningful life on earth."

Rinpoche's main plan for solving the problems of poverty and lack of education in Nepal is to establish the Trungram University there. Due to current situations in Nepal, the project is on hold. However, as preparation for full-fledged educational institutions, the Trungram International Academy has already been in operation for several years.

Throughout all these projects and activities, Rinpoche's main task remains in spreading the age-old wisdom of the Buddha. The Buddhadharma alleviates suffering and delivers beings to unconditional joy, far beyond materialistic pursuits that are powerless to overcome mental anxiety, fear and poverty.

From 1996 to 1999, Rinpoche served as president of Dharmodaya Sabbha - the National Buddhist Association of Nepal. Thereafter, he acted as the Chair of its Advising Committee for three years. In 1998, Rinpoche represented Nepal in the International Buddhist Conference held in Australia.

Besides overseeing the work of the Foundation projects, existing monasteries, Fellowship centers and retreat centers, Rinpoche is currently establishing a new meditation and retreat center in New York State in the U.S.

All of Rinpoche's activities keep him quite busy. In a letter to his students in Taiwan, he wrote that he "often wishes there were fourty-eight hours in each day". However, Rinpoche says, "There's not much time to be tired and I am happy if I can be helpful to some people."

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