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His Eminence the Fourth Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche 

His Eminence Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche is the founder and spiritual director of United Trungram Buddhist Fellowship.

As one of the most prominent incarnate lamas of Tibet, Rinpoche is a renowned teacher and lineage holder of many Buddhist teachings and practices, among which the most unique are those of the Trungram Tradition - a special meditation tradition of the Kagyu School of Vajrayana Buddhism. Among the highly realized masters, scholars and ordinary people of Tibet, Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche is recognized as an emanation of the great yogi Milarepa.

As the reincarnation of the Third Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche - a legendary Buddhist master of the 20th Century, Rinpoche was carefully tutored by accomplished lineage masters such as H.H. the Sixteenth Karmapa and H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche - his main gurus. Rinpoche's lineage transmissions came from them as well as other prominent teachers including Lama Gendun Rinpoche and his own tutor Khenchen Rinpoche. Like his previous incarnation, Rinpoche is also a practitioner of Remay teachings - the lineage transmitted mainly from Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

After seventeen years of traditional training in monastic settings and years of modern academic studies and research at Harvard University, Rinpoche has both a traditional acharya degree and a PhD in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism.

From a young age, Rinpoche has been active in preserving Buddha's teachings and promoting non-violence, mutual understanding, love and compassion in the society. He gave teachings for the first time at the age of eleven. Rinpoche is multilingual and has given teachings and guided meditation retreats in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

UTBF was founded by Rinpoche to engage in preservation of the living Buddhist traditions and render humanitarian and educational service to the society. Besides guiding the activities of UTBF, Rinpoche is currently active in giving teachings and training students.

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H.E. Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche
His Eminence the Fourth
Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche

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