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Welfare and Health Projects - Emergency Relief 

Emergency Relief is an ongoing project that tends to the material, mental and spiritual needs of people regardless of their nationality, race or religion. Here are some examples of what UTBF has done in the past in this regard:

In 1993, there was a severe and unprecedented flood in Nepal that caused a large number of casualties. Thousands of families lost their homes, food and clothing. While relief from international sources poured in, UTBF under the leadership of Gyalwa Rinpoche put out its utmost efforts in collecting donations of clothing and funds, which were given the government for distribution to the affected population.

Nepal's Prime Minister praised UTBF's contribution during the 1993 flood.
Flood stricken villagers with donated clothes.

In September 1999, the devastating "921 Earthquake" in Taiwan shook the world. On September 26, "The Hundred Deities of the Bardo" puja headed by Khenchen Rinpoche was held in Fengyuan, followed by a second such puja headed by Gyalwa Rinpoche, who flew in from the U.S. in the midst of his busy semester at Harvard University.

Earthquake puja and nearby emergency shelters (Taiwan, 1999)

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